Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cycling in Ireland - pack wet gear

Wet Gear. This is probably the most important set of words that you will use in reference to cycling in Ireland.
Following one random day of sunshine on my arrival there has followed the usual predictable set of squalls, showers, and looming grey clouds.
Like going to a club you know will be bad or boring, you can compensate the sheer awfulness with copious amounts of alcohol, and so it is with rain and wet gear. Especially for longer journeys, e.g.. more than 5 minutes.

Safety is also important during rain and the assurance that "drivers are less careful in the rain" resulted in a high-vis jacket and helmet, which radiated a "stay back" fashion statement.

Luckily the rain is staving off today but for how long?
Also making a notable come back in my outfits these days are scarf's. Yep its that time of year again so with temperatures 5-10 degrees colder here in Ireland its time to unpack your winter wardrobe and embrace cosiness, hats and gloves, cause here comes winter.

By the way just a quick reference note; there is nothing more funny than peoples faces when they think you are taking off your trousers(in fact wet gear) in public to reveal a pair of jeans underneath.

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