Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring: a time of change

A beautiful tree in blossom near work

At last the cold miserable weather has departed and longer, sunnier days are literally on the horizon. I personally believe that "spring is a time of change" and in springs true typical fashion things have certainly changed for me. After my previous post about the miseries of job hunting it seems that my luck has changed and I have currently got a job for the next two months.

Otherwise what to report on the cycling front.....? well part of my ongoing struggle to love Zurich as much as I love Paris and Dublin is dealing with the hills. Hills and mountains; Switzerland is famous for those Heidi-esque Alps but if I'm not busy admiring the views I'm usually busy working up a sweat climbing a hill in Zurich to some small godforsaken little area where the rents are cheap and the inhabitants are fellow forigners.

Another down side to my route to work is that I don't seem to be able to figure out a "safe" and short way to get there. The bus lanes here are good but very sporadic and on the way to work I often feel like I'm about to go onto a motor way and therefore cycle a lot on the footpath, which is a thing I hate doing, as that is how I previously broke my arm. But paths seem to be the fastest way and after the misery of the up hill cycle to Milchbuch I tend to take the most direct route as I feel I deserve it.
The small incline up O'Connell street now seems like down hill free wheeling.

Also a point to mention is that it has been officially over a year since I have had this blog, as my first post (which no body read, as it was terrible) was on the 22nd of March. Originally inspired by a former colleague to start keeping one as a writing portfolio I have certainly been enjoying the regular creativity and satisfaction that writing brings, and I have even gathered my journalistic escapades on my new portfolio website.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Paris Memories

While I do get nostalgic for Paris on a regular basis, a friend recently reminded me about the first time I lived and worked in Paris in 2007-2008. This was on my year out, and while I did not cycle, I did work in a bar.
Times were good and nights were long and blurry. These were the days when I first fell in love with Paris and I really started to improve my French.
I even managed to got to see the France v Ireland rugby game in Stade de France which was awesome, even though we lost.

Sorry this post is short, but I'll be writing more inane ramblings about cycling soon.

Featured in the video are Bláthmac, Brian and Minty, as well as me of course.

High fives to Minty for putting it together.


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