Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mile stones in life

A friend sent me this after reading this post

As I rapidly approach my 27th birthday I start to look back on the year it has been. For those of you who are not aware 26 was actually a pretty big milestone in my life. Not it the same traditional way that 18 and 21 are, as these birthdays seem to necessitate some kind of large celebration where all your friends and family recognise the apparent significance of your transformation from a teen to an adult.

However the transition from 25 to 26 also carries this same significance but in a more stealthy form, when you turn 26 there are no bigger than normal parties only bigger costs. Yes indeed 26 is recognised in Europe as the age that you no longer are a "youth", no longer are museums free or cheaper and train tickets are full price.
These subtle charges don't celebrate your age but rather seem to imply that you should have got your life together at this stage and should be able to pay full price for things as you should be working in a properly paid job at this age of your life, and worst of all without a big party.

So while I firmly grip on to the tattered rags of my youth I have started to reflect back on this year while considering this transformation from "youth" to full paying adult.
Indeed many things have changed and this has been a great fun filled year with many joys and hurdles. Approaching the ripe old age of 27 does not come without its negative connotations though, at this stage of my life I was hoping to have my life more "together" not by a lot but I was hoping to at least be at the stage where I could afford to live a more comfortable and stable life.

A popular saying says "youth is wasted on the young", looking back however I am quite satisfied. While sometimes I lament my apparent lack of stereotypical achievements that society demands we reach (for example I have some friends with houses (large mortgages), children, cars and a well paid jobs) and other times I celebrate this fact. I have had many great experiences in many different countries and met many amazing people who I am proud to consider my friends.

I am looking forward to what 27 has to bring.


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