Thursday, 2 February 2012

Woeful Winter Weather

Ahh yes the complete 180, I certainly am feeling like God must  have read my previous post and sent freezing cold temperatures to spite me.

So after just reporting the lovely weather I had been enjoying, now it is very much different.
The freezing snow has arrived, and en force.

While I do still suffer slightly from the "aww cool snow" aspect of coming from a country with only rain, these pictures clearly demonstrate the difference between perceived winter cycling and the actual experience
a snowy winter wonderland (photo without flash)
snow being whipped into your face while you try and find the route with the least dangerous snow coating

 White hell (with flash)

Cycling now becomes a daily ritual of trying not to die from the cold, navigating slippy ice, dodging large piles of mushy sludge left from the snowplows and blinking snowflakes out of my eyes.

The parts of the road that were previously bicycle lanes are now snow dumping ground for snow ploughs.

To make matters worse the temperature has recently dropped so low that my dodgey back break now completely freezes solid after 5 minutes outside. This is especially annoying if it freezes mid way through breaking and then means I have to pedal twice as hard due to a semi-locked rear wheel. Trust me when this happens I have no problems staying warm.

Any advice for snow cycling, well apart from "just get the bus" I would reccommend layers of clothes, and a balacava. Also take it easy when you cycle and  dont make any sharp turns as you will just slip right off the bike.

Is there an end in sight?

Not really; in fact the weather forecast predicts further decreases. I'm planning on hibernating this weekend with my massive duvet, films, food and lots of hot chocolate.
See you next week and you know what? Snow is still better than rain!

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