Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cycling in spring? Wear eye proction

Seriously people, as much as I have been enjoying the vastly improving weather, leaves on trees and eating on the terrace there is one thing in particular that I have not been enjoying.....
These things.

Here is close of of what looks like a killer flower, fly fishing, stinger, hook or something. Seriously the though of getting this in my eye let alone my hair makes me physically wince. But behold, these things are bloody well carpeting the streets.
all that yellow stuff is millions of those flowers

Trust me there is nothing worse than following a bus and getting a whirlwind of these things swirling up into your face.

While recently enjoying a cycle along the Seine I was cycling against the wind and happened to get some of the little feathery bits in my eye. Ouch, I spent a good 5 minutes rubbing and holding my eyelid open while blinking to no avail. My only option was to soldier on through the irritating agony and the rose tinted blinking of my actually bleeding eye!

Bring on winter when at least the things that hit you in the face melt or dry off. So here is my advice get some good wrap around sun glasses or false camel style eye lashes cause these things are going to be here for another few weeks anyway.

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