Friday, 2 September 2011

My Giant Black Bike

So after a long absence from the home of Guinness, rain and left hand driving I have once again set foot on the emerald isle that is Ireland. I’m sure that anybody who has been away from home for a significant amount of time will appreciate the comforts of arriving into a country where you can perfectly speak the language, know which bus to take, have somewhere to stay and have a large group of people who are delighted to see you.

As I have described it on previous occasions, going home to Dublin is like putting on a pair of really worn old pair of shoes; they are really comfortable and fit perfectly, you love how they feel and they remind you of things from your past. However after wearing these shoes for a significant amount of time you will start to notice all the cracks and leaks starting to come through (especially in bad weather) which start to remind you why you decided to get a new pair of shoes.

Following my so far brief visit to this fair city where the sun has shone and my only concerns have been trying not to double book my friends for coffee’s and drinks, I think I’ll be keeping on these worn Irish brogues for yet another couple of weeks. Another one of the great things about being back in Dublin is getting to go for a spin on my long neglected touring bicycle. Now I should mention that while the bike has been neglected my me, it has not been left uncared for, and thanks to one awesome friend in particular the bicycle is in a good riding condition as ever and ready for what ever journeys lay ahead in the next 3 weeks.

A couple of quick things about this bicycle, it is the most expensive and newest bicycle I own and it was purchased brand new back in the summer of 2009 for my bicycle tour holiday. While the bike is new, black and lacks some of the more quirky features of my ever expanding collection of vintage bicycles, I will say this; I have endured more kilometres on this bicycle than any other and for that very reason I am happy that the bicycle features things like.... hmmm  lets say more than 3 gears, sensitive breaks and anti-puncture tires. Saying that it doesn't have any quirky features though is somewhat unfair and in an attempt to personalise my bike I adorned it with stickers from my touring holiday, fashionable accessories and a theft deterrent.

By the way the term "Giant" refers to the brand not the size.

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  1. It's refreshing to read the adjectives 'giant' and 'black' used to describe something perfectly innocent on the internet.



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