Friday, 26 August 2011

My Swiss bike

Okay so following my current up routel to a non EU country, I have once again found myself slogging along paths like a common pedestrian, now while this might be acceptable for some temporary getting around, me feeling at home necessitates certain amenities that might be defined as a bicycle.

Now granted this bicycle could not in the strictest terms be defined as my own, but considering that I have it on semi-permanent loan, my own key to the lock and that I did repair the break system on it last week I would be happy enough to say that it has been marked by me.

Describing it in a basic manner it's says its a Schaefer Rad, which means that as of yet I have been unable to uncover any information for it on-line, but it has a step through frame and the usual lights and trimmings.

Now I'm sure you are wondering what makes a Swiss bike Swiss, well the most obvious thing is that the bicycle is located in Switzerland. but wait there is more, the Swiss do have their own style of bicycle and this is more clear with the older town bicycles such as my own.
While there are no large Swiss brands like Peugeot is to France. but there is some consistency to the style as far as I can see. Larger straight handle bars that curl in at the end and chrome accessories are the general trend, and can easily be spotted even after bicycles are customised.
One of the best things about this Swiss style is that they share a lot in common with the "Holland" bicycles in terms of how they ride, and it's a really enjoyable and comfortable ride, as it is basically completely in sitting position and allows you to really enjoy and see everything as your cycling past.

However due to the recent good weather, lack of map book and near by amenities I have so far neglected to undertake a voyage of discovery in and around Zurich.
So watch this space.

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