Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sky Ride Dublin vs Critical Mass Dublin

With Sky's tag line "where will your bike take you" the answer is pretty simple; probably along the route you have designated and cordoned off from traffic.

This is the first time that the "Sky" Ride has made it over to the Republic. Now in all due respect the concept of cycling uninhibited through the worlds major cities is not a new one but contrary to the critical mass phenomenon the idea is less "lets piss off all the people trying to just get around in cars, by having a completely unplanned event where we have no leaders, no route and will just stop traffic through sheer numbers" and more "lets sponsor the event and co-operate with the police and traffic department so that we can have the traffic diverted, streets shut down and proper safety features".

So to summarise less anarchy and more family.

The great thing about this approach vs critical mass is that if you have kids (I don't) you would feel comfortable about bringing them along. I in fact have witnessed the Skyride in Manchester before and it seemed to be the very picture of wholesome, well organised, cordoned off, high-vis bib, family fun.

Yawwwwwwn, anyway I've signed up and I'm hoping that the weather will hold out and that I'll be able to cycle faster than 5kmph. The most important thing is that these events are seen to be supported and the more people joining the better - and free bib.
So while I am occasionally a fan of speeding and weaving through traffic and showing about as much respect for this traffic as a drunk man at a urinal, nothing will annoy drivers more than if more bicycle lanes are permanently installed and car traffic lanes will be reduced.

Maybe the thing that gets my back up the most about Sky ride is that its an English company doing here in Ireland; why should I have to receive emails from "British cycling"? Why couldn't an Irish movement have had the initiative to instigate this themselves? I suppose backing from a multi billion international company helps (Barclay bikes in London) I mean even ad breaks on TV need sponsorship, but hey I'm a think global act local kinda girl. 

So if this is also your style then why not join the smaller but more frequent Irish initiative on Facebook.

Critical mass Dublin host their meetings the last Friday of every month, Top of Grafton St, Stephens Greens at 7pm

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