Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Skyride Dublin 2011 - beware children on bicycles

Skyride Dublin at Grand Canal Square

Overall the event was enjoyable but I found myself more stressed than I would be in normal traffic. The main reason being that the streets were littered with children on bicycles, contrary to cars small children are notoriously spatially unaware, unpredictable in their movements on the road and follow a cycling pattern that could be likened to a shoal of herring being attacked by dolphins. Lucky I wasn't going anywhere fast or I'm sure I would have had the great joy of discussing bicycle safety with the parents of many crying children.

So even though I had some initial scepticism, I have to admit that skyride Dublin was overall an enjoyable affair and positively promoted cycling. While being under the thumb (read support) of a multi billion euro corporation, it did have its benefits such as money. this allowed for live music, children's entertainers, bmx trick cyclist, jugglers and even Dora the explorer made an appearance at the nickelodeon's stall.

Skyride at Merrion Square

Local cycling shops such as 2wheels Sandymount were on hand to provide free adjustments and repairs to anyone with a faulty bicycles.

Perhaps most importantly of all was that the even made cycling accessible to all events and ages. Many people who are easily within the cycling commuter belt are often put off by the concept that cycling can be elitist or requires specialist equipment other than a basic bicycle can hopefully be reassured that cycling is an easy way to get into work.

Also it was nice to see Sky spending and acknowledging Ireland as one of it valued markets, considering how many millions of households have a sky subscription.


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