Tuesday, 23 August 2011

One months holidays and counting

So following what has can technically be described as over a months absence from my previous job, I am happy to announce that it does not end here. So far I have spent 2 weeks in Cadiz in the south of eeeSpain with 400 architects, one week in Munich in Bavaria in Germany with over 5000 jugglers, and now its been just over one week in Zurich with 1 boyfriend.
What's in store next? Easy answer Ireland.

Keeping in mind that this will be covered in future posts lets go through some of the highlights of my previous month.

Spain of course was awesome but being the typical Irish person that I am I managed to get burned to a crisp on only my second day there, this resulted in loose clothing and a lot of hiding in the shade before losing a layer of skin the next week. However is was great to be able to catch up with some of my nearest and dearest friends from Ireland and all over Europe in general. This group photo kinda summarises things quite well I suppose. 
I'm at the bottom left corner in purple holding a green cup

One Ryanair flight and a 20€ bus journey later, my trip to the Munich EJC had a bit of a rocky start and not being able to register on the first day was kinda a bummer, however after a bumpy start things managed to get back to normal again and seeing some of my long lamented juggling friends was indeed a rare treat, as well as obviously all the shows, vegetarian food, games and incredibly long distances between anything in the Olympic park. 

However another highlight of this visit was the trip into Munich City where I got to catch up on some long lost gossip with a Parisian work friend as well as partake in some much needed and enjoyed German pork products.
While German food certainly lacks the finesse of some of its more snobbish European (cough French) counterparts it is still wholesome and good and served in the kind of quantities that make some countries (cough French) seem a little anorexic. Also worth a special note is the excellent beer available in Munich, and its large quantities, a half in Munich is half a litre, and a large beer is indeed the full litre served to you in a giant tanker glass with a handle, the handle is very important seeing as you can’t actually fit your hand around the glass. This might of course help explain why so few Germans seem to be overweight especially considering the amount of hearty food and beer they consume, because the amount of energy it take to physically lift and consume a litre glass of beer might be considered a full workout in itself.

Following some research, I managed to find a German car-sharing lift to Zurich, and arrived safe and sound into the arms of my ever punctual BF. The rest I suppose is recent history, but worth a special mention is the trip to Liechtenstein as well as some great summer days in 31 degree heat sitting and swimming at the local and very clean river. With not much going on here I suppose its safe to say that this has been the most relaxing and holidayish part of my holidays so far.

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