Saturday, 14 May 2011

Nothing says amature cyclist like “velib’”

If you are visiting Paris for a few days or you commuting from the banlieue, than fair enough the velib’ system can work for you. But otherwise bike up people, nothing is worse than leaving work at 5am to the sight of a velib’ station where the only remaining velib’ is the one with no chain (see photo), and then spending the next 40 minutes locating a station with bikes before you can go home.
By the way  I should mention that I think that it should be illegal for customers leaving cafe oz to get a velib' considering the threat they pose to themselves and others!

As if to prove why my on going dislike for the velib system is justified I noticed today the fact the price for hiring a velib has nearly doubled, that's right; the daily cost of a hiring a veilib is now €1.70 and the weekly cost is €8, compared to before when they were €1 and €5. How ever the supplemental costs have remained the same, so for the first half hour you go over the first free 30 minutes remains like €1. Which lets be fair is still pretty pricey.

So once again I would recommend to all of you to buy your own bikes, seriously. The cost of a second hand bike is the same or less than the cost of a recharging your navigo for one month, or about a month and a half of weekly subscriptions to the velib’ system.

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