Saturday, 28 May 2011

Middling visit to the Middle Age Museum

So having passed this museum on soo many occasions it was finally nice to  get a chance to see what its like on the inside. Hidden behind a bunch of trees right on the Boulevard St Michel is the Musée du Moyen Age. This is hidden gem of a museum and after a quick walk around the corner I discovered the entrance, which appropriately enough has castillations.

Entering the museum through the small courtyard I got my ticket and was in. The museum starts off modest enough before opening up into large banqueting like spaces. 

There are info sheets in three languages  located in every room, and from these I learned some interesting facts, such as that the statues on the façade of Notre Dame were in fact vandalised and the original ones are actually here in the museum.

Moving on through the rest of the museum I generally enjoyed the exhibit which consisted of statues, religious relics, paintings, stained glass and many many tapestry's. Included the most famous of these the Lady and the Unicorn. 

Most of all though I enjoyed being in a museum that had the genuine character of what it was exhibition. 

I suppose the downside to the museum was that I didn’t really get a feeling for what Paris was like in the middle ages, its more looking at artefacts. Where as my personal preference would have been maps and artists impressions, but then I do love maps so maybe that's just me, also a lot of the war armour, swords ect, is all at the Musee de l’Armée, which I went to the other week, and it was Awesome(capital A)

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