Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Orange Bike

My obsession with vintage bikes continues and this is my most recent purchase, while I have to admit that it was well over a month ago since I bought this bike I have neglected to take photos of it until now.
So you might all be wondering why would buy a second bike?
Well without pointing out the obvious beauty of the bike, the second bike allows my family, visiting and local friends to join me on cycles without having the pressure of having 150 Euro in their account for a velib'.
Also my new bike was in very good working order with even the dynamo in operation for the lights and at 70 euro at the Flea Market (half of which were my tips from the previous night) you can't exactly say that I was going "mad" with my money.

A couple of quick things to note about this bike, after a bit of spurning from more knowledgeable friends I did some research and found out its a vintage 1976 Peugeot, the style is a "cyclotourisme femme". It has 5 rear wheel gears and 2 front wheel gears (only one of the front gears operated), so it has a wider range of speeds and can go much faster than my 3 geared town bike. The saddle is also thinner and harder. The ride is much smoother but the seating position is more forward than on the town bike.
  Here is the original catalogue picture from 1976, my bike has a few subtle differences but I'm pretty sure this is it.

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  1. Hey! I have that same bike.. I was digging up some info on it. But now you answered most of my questions. Thanks! I also love vintage bikes. But vintage thing in general are also cool!



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