Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Funny bicycle stuff from the Internet

Recently my friend Dave sent me this link to this Kate Beaton comic which lets be honest is awesome; "see me rollin up pops you step aside". I then proceeded to spend the rest of my day looking at all her other comics, which retrospectively was a well spent afternoon.
It's really interesting to see a modern take on the history of girls on bicycles and its not the first time I've talked about this, as last June in Paris I visited the "Voyages a Velo" exhibition which chronicled (all be it not as funnily) the history of the bicycle and its influence on the development of the modern woman.

Otherwise as long as we are on the topic of funny bicycle stuff I have seen or been sent on-line, check out this gem from the great David Thorne poking fun at the cycling fanatic, again potentially another day wasted, but his stuff is laugh out loud funny.

My friend Tom also sent me this funny video from Casey Neistat, which was a direct response to getting a police fine. I also featured this video in the "Bicycle Lanes" section of my blog but it definitely deserves another mention:

While the next video might not be so funny, it's still pretty cool and it demonstrates that looking after your bike is important, and not difficult; in this case all you have to do is not leave it in 1 place for a year. The fact that it makes it to over 151 days without getting the water bottle stolen is pretty impressive and demonstrates how leaving your bicycle parked in a very public area is actually "safer" than a more private area. Thanks for the link Matthias.

Since I'm on the topic I might as well repost this Awesome (capital A) ad from btwin, which originally featured in my flea market post. God I love this ad.

People who are funnier and more creative than me I salute you.

Over and out for now

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